Fraud Case | Photocopy Businessman Posing as Tribal Commissioner Scam, Learn What the Issue Is

fraud case


Nashik: Gaining the trust of the father of a young man making photocopies on Gangapur Road, the fraud of Rs 3 lakhs by impersonating the Tribal Commissioner came to light. In this case, Vaibhav Prakash Desai filed a complaint at the Mumbai Naka Police Station. Desai’s in the copy business, stationery. Manoj Dattatraya Khokle, a resident of Aadgaon Kotamgaon Yeola, under the guise of being the tribal commissioner, showed greed to bid for photocopies and stationery from the tribal department.

Khokle called Desai to the Adivasi Vikas Bhavan. They said that this work is with them, there is a tender for 14 months. For this, it was said that he would give Rs 3 lakh as a nominal amount. He assured that the work would start from September 12, 2022. Desai was convinced after seeing Khokle’s official identity card. Under this trap, 20 thousand online on Aug 5, 2022, one lakh 45 thousand via ‘NEFT’ on Aug 8, 20 thousand online on Aug 10, 30 thousand on Aug 21, Kalpesh Arjun Thackeray the September 2 in the name of this person Five thousand such 2 lakh 20 thousand rupees online and 80 thousand cash together took a total of 3 lakh rupees.

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On August 24, 2022, Khokle took Desai’s signature on forged documents at the District Sessions Court. I kept the original copy with me on August 26. Asking for the documents, Khokle said that he is busy in meeting with the Chief Minister about it. procrastinated. Inquiring about Khokle at the Department of Tribal Development, information was received that no person with that name was employed. Following this, Desai reached Kotamgaon on November 12 and inquired. During this, Manoj Khokle’s younger brother Ganesh threatened him in the complaint.

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