Fraud | Rs 1.5 million fraud in the name of a pharmacy, order given to High Court officer for intensive investigation

Nagpur High Court

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Nagpur, Vikas Vora, a defendant in this case, petitioned the High Court for interim bail after a Rs 1.5 crore fraud on behalf of the pharmacy at Columbia Hospital in Dhantoli. Following this, once again Dr. Gantawar made headlines. It is noteworthy that while he worked as a health officer in the Municipal Corporation, many complaints were made against him for many irregularities. Now the case of taking 1.5 crores for the pharmacy at Columbia Hospital from him has come to light. After arguments from both sides, Judge Anil Pansare ordered the investigating officer to conduct a thorough investigation of the entire matter. Along with this, the order was also given to submit the report along with the current status of the investigation.

Money caught near Gantawar and looted

The lawyer who appeared for petitioner Vora said that the complainant’s son had given money to Dr. Gantawar and Loote to run the pharmacy at Columbia Hospital, but the hospital run by both of them was closed. Due to this, the amount got stuck with Gantawar and Lute. A certain amount was paid to the complainant’s son, while it was ensured that a certain amount would be delivered in the near future. Specifically, Loote had paid 2 checks to the petitioner. On October 25, 2021 and November 25, 2022, respectively, checks for Rs 33,50,000 and Rs 80,00,000 were issued. The petitioner had deposited a check for 33.50 lakhs at the bank, but it bounced.

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Advocate for the cooperation of the prosecution. Dangre said the documents filed with the court are eyewash. If the petitioner definitely wants to recover the amount? If so, then he had to deposit a check for 80 lakhs in the bank. Furthermore, efforts should have been made to recover the funds. The petitioner’s fraudulent intent can be gauged by the fact that he alone entered into an agreement with the looter, while the complainant’s son was not included in the agreement.

According to the petitioner, the complainant’s son and the petitioner are partners in the pharmacy business. Columbia Pharmacy would deposit one and a half crores of rupees at the hospital. Even the deal should have been done through Columbia Pharmacy. Additional Dangre said that all the money of the complainant’s son has been invested in the pharmacy, while the money of the looted or the petitioner Vora was not invested. Vora, Loote and Dr. Gantawar have conspired together.

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