Gadchiroli | Alapalli teak leaves for Ayodhya, district teak to be installed in the great Ram temple

Alapalli teak leaves for Ayodhya, district teak to be installed in the great Ram temple

  • Duly adored before departure.

gadchiroli, The high-quality teak from Alapalli in the Gadchiroli district is world famous. The people of Aalapalli enthusiastically sent the teak wood required for the great temple of Lord Shri Ramchandra, who is the deity of the entire country, to Ayodhya today.

The devotees who were present in large numbers duly worshiped the said forest. Following this, a rally was held in a decorated vehicle from Government Saw Mill to Veer Baburao Chowk to the tune of DJ. With the honor of planting the teak of the Gadchiroli district in the temple of Lord Shri Ram, the prestige of Allapali along with that of the district has risen nationally.

Gadchiroli district teak is world famous for manufacturing various items, doors and furniture. Allapalli teak was selected to make doors, windows, carvings and various masterpieces required for the Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Ayodhya’s Ram Temple is the closest subject of the country. In the 90s, bricks for this were shipped all over the country. As soon as the Ram Mandir construction work started after the Supreme Court decision, every Ram devotee has cooperated as much as possible.

Now world famous teak wood from Gadchiroli district has been selected to make doors and windows. The teak wood has been harvested at Saw-Meel from the Alapalli Forestry Development Division. As soon as the information about Lakda’s departure was received, the devotees of the Aalapalli campus duly worshiped the wood. Present at this time were Shri Ram Samiti, Allapalli business organization, eminent citizens of the village, devotees. After this a great procession took place.

Timber used in the construction of Parliament House

Even before this, teak from the Alapalli forest area was purchased from the Ballarpur depot for the construction of the country’s new parliament building. Vidarbha Forest, famous as Glory of Forest, has high quality teak. This wood has played an important role in the beautification of Parliament House. Now, the teak from the Alapalli forest area will be used in the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. Therefore, the district will also contribute to the construction of the temple.

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