Get Rs 500 Off Tata Cars In Over 250 Cities In India. Up to 60 thousand discount, find out how long the scheme will last

Tata Motors recently announced the National Exchange Carnival in India. As the name of the offer suggests, the company is offering deep discounts to interested customers across the country in exchange for their old vehicle. The company has claimed that users can save up to Rs 60,000 on new vehicles by swapping in their old vehicles.

Tata Motors recently announced that customers can save up to Rs 60,000 on company vehicles. The company has introduced National Exchange Carnival for this. Under this scheme, customers can avail up to Rs 60,000 discount on new Tata cars by exchanging their old cars at their nearest dealership.

This Tata Motors scheme has started from February 4, 2023 and will be available in 250 cities in the country from February 15, 2023.

Making the announcement, Rajan Amba, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service at Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd. says: “At Tata Motors, we constantly strive to understand customers’ needs and provide them with a pleasurable experience. In line with this plan, we are announcing the launch of a 12-day National Exchange Carnival for customers.”

He further added: “This will provide customers in the used car business with valuation of their existing cars through our extensive Tata Motors Assured network. I am confident that the National Exchange Carnival will enable our customers to easily upgrade to their favorite Tata.” . In return, they will experience the perfect combination of design, driving and safety.

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