Ghanaian footballer Christian Etsu is rescued alive from the rubble in the earthquake in Turkey. ‘Footballer’ rose from rubble after beating death in Turkey earthquake… then told shocking story

Ghanaian footballer Christian Etsu emerged from the rubble alive (File) - India TV Hindi

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Christian Etsu, a Ghanaian footballer, emerged alive from the rubble (File)

New Delhi. The soul of those who heard or saw the devastation caused by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria shuddered. Within minutes and seconds, death came at such speed that he was given no chance to recover. Death swallowed many in one fell swoop, but there were many fortunate enough to achieve the distinction of defeating death and advancing the battle of life. The magnitude of this earthquake is so terrifying that the heart bursts just looking at the images. Relief and rescue teams are still extricating people trapped under the rubble. We are going to tell you the story of one of those players who was about to die in this strong earthquake, knowing whose story you will also be surprised.

Ghanaian international footballer Christian Etsu (31) was in Turkey when the earthquake collapsed hundreds of buildings in seconds. Etsu was also buried under the rubble and death was very close to him. Here, from the President of Ghana to others, people prayed for Etsu’s recovery. There must have been a gap of only a few seconds between life and death. Even Etsu might not have guessed that he would be able to win the battle against death. Today was to win the match from death against Etsu, who kicked the goal on the soccer field. Finally, luck was on his side and Etsu managed to get out of the rubble with a death kick. After getting out of the rubble, he said that death passed very close to him, but that he was lucky to survive.

The people were shocked at Etsu’s survival.

People were also shocked to see footballer Etsu, who made it out alive after fighting to the death in the rubble. Ghanaian Christian Etsu plays for the Turkish club Hetaspor. He was buried under the rubble of a building. Etsu’s manager, Mustafa Ozat, said he was pulled out alive from under the rubble in an injured condition. He said the club’s sporting director, Taner Sawat, is also buried under the rubble. Ghana’s ambassador to Turkey said today that Ghana national player and former Newcastle midfielder Christian Etsuh was found alive in the rubble of the earthquake that killed more than 5,000 people in Turkey and neighboring Syria.

Etsu joined Hatayspor of the Turkish Super Lig in September. He was in the southern province of Hatay, the epicenter of Monday’s quake. Where a massive earthquake has caused devastation. “I get good news from the Ghanaian association president that Christian Atsu has been found safe in Hatay,” Francisca Eshieti-Odunton told Accra-based Assase Radio, referring to a local community association in Ghana.

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