Girls die with this look from men, science has also shown it

When it comes to attracting women, men pay more attention to their appearance, if your personality is attractive, any woman will be impressed by you at the first meeting. Do you know what are the things related to the appearance of guys that attract women?

In order to impress girls, boys are very confused about their way of dressing and appearance. Some research has shown that this specialty of men attracts women, let us know what are the special things by which you can hone your personality.

hairstyle and beard

Your hairstyle should be such that it suits you, it is not necessary that the hairstyle that suits someone else also suits you. For this, you can take the advice of a good hair expert because the hair style is more helpful in making the personality attractive. If you have a beard, then you have to take special care of the shape of the beard, choose the shape of the beard according to the cut of the face. Take special care with trimming the beard as well. The shape of your beard attracts girls. According to research, women are attracted to men with trimmed beards and thick beards.

clothing maintenance
Well-dressed men are the weakness of women, anyway your clothes represent your personality first, clothes must be clean and ironed. The clothes may not be from expensive brands but they must have shine. Personality does not look attractive in faded clothes and your impression is ruined. Select clothing according to the time to show yourself presentable. Wear clothes that fit well if you are slim and wear loose clothing then you will look slimmer. If you choose very tight clothes, it will cause skin rashes and you will feel uncomfortable.

According to General Science, your perfume can make you the center of attraction among women. Self-confidence is also developed in you by wearing deodorant or perfume. It is helpful in attracting women to you.

body muscles
According to research from the University of California, women like the muscles on the body of men. Women give preference to men with a fit body. If you also want to attract women, start paying attention to your body shape today.

Along with good dressing sense, it is also necessary to follow the hygiene routine. That’s why apart from dressing well, take care to clean and cut your nails. If there is a body order issue, use deo. Women like men who take care of hygiene. ,

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