Global warming: This little insect will become the cause of the great destruction of the world! Shocking revelation in the study.

Global warming remains the biggest concern for the world today. The earth’s temperature is continually rising as natural calamities have begun to take a vicious shape. Scientists are constantly looking for ways to prevent global warming and control climate change. Meanwhile, a shocking study has come to light in which a small organism is said to be one of the main causes of global warming. Not only this, the number of these organisms increases twice as fast with increasing temperature. What this study consists of and what creatures threaten the earth, we will tell you everything.

The University of Michigan recently conducted a study that studied the effect of global warming on termites. One shocking thing came out in this study that termites grow rapidly with increasing temperature. That is, their number begins to increase twice as fast. On the other hand, the termite is an organism that eats wood. Another danger of this has also been said that such a process takes place at the time of eating wood, due to which carbon dioxide and other gases are also released. In other words, termites also have an important contribution to the emission of the gas that is the major cause of global warming and is directly increasing the temperature of the earth. The study has been published in the journal Science.

This means that both things have a direct effect on each other. Where, on the one hand, the number of termites increases due to the increase in temperature, on the other hand, termites help to increase the temperature of the earth. It has become a cycle with deadly consequences that worries scientists.

When termites eat dead wood, they release gases like carbon dioxide and methane. By accumulating in the atmosphere, these gases become useful in increasing the temperature of the earth. It has been revealed in the study that when there are hot conditions, termites start eating wood more quickly. For example, it has been said that if the temperature rises 10 degrees, termites start eating wood 7 times faster, so more carbon dioxide starts getting into the atmosphere.

Termites are becoming a major factor in climate change. To do this, the scientists studied termites in different parts of the world. Scientists have studied areas on 6 continents along with North Queensland and Savannah to find out where deadwood termites are found and how fast they eat wood.

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