Golden opportunity to travel abroad for free! This country will distribute 5 lakh free plane tickets from next month! know the reason

It is everyone’s dream to travel abroad, but many times due to economic problems, a person is heartbroken. If you were also waiting to travel abroad at low cost, now that opportunity has arrived. You can even get free plane tickets. Hong Kong is going to give out 5 lakh free tickets to attract tourists. That means five lakh air tickets absolutely free! Please read this entire notice to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the economies of the countries of the world. Some countries have been slow to recover, but some are still recovering. At the same time, due to Corona, these countries were also heavily affected, in which tourism was the main source of income. Hong Kong is also on its way to attracting tourists to boost its economy. To this end, the country has announced that it will distribute 5 lakhs of free air tickets. According to the Reuters report, Hong Kong will give free plane tickets to 5 lakh tourists from March 1, i.e. from next month. Yes, but you have to fix the passport. You can travel to this country with a free visa and air ticket.

The executive has announced here the offer of free Hong Kong air ticket. When announcing the announcement, John Lee said that through this offer the aim is to increase the number of tourists in the country. Free flight tickets will be provided to 5 lakh people from other countries. By virtue of this, they will be taken on a tour of the main tourist spots of the country.

Along with this, tourists will also be informed about the removal of various restrictions that were imposed after Corona. In terms of airlines, talks have been held with several airlines under this offer, including Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Express and Hong Kong Airlines.

According to the report, from March 1 to the next 6 months, free plane tickets will be distributed to tourists. When the Corona epidemic hit in 2020, the arrival of tourists from all over the world stopped completely. The countries did not get a significant increase in tourism revenue even after the exit of Corona. That is why now this country has launched this offer to attract foreign tourists so that the economy can get back on track.

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