Good news for PhonePe users! Now you can make UPI payments abroad too!

In the digital age, almost everything is now done online. Along with this, the payment method has also changed. Previously, where you couldn’t work without cash, the ATM card or plastic money took its place. Then one step ahead of that, now the payment is done online only. In which players such as Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe also joined. Of these, PhonePe has gone one step further and has now announced the facility of making payments abroad as well. PhonePe is the first of its kind app to launch overseas payment service via UPI.

The scope of convenience available to PhonePe users has now increased. It has become the first digital payment app of its kind where users will now be able to make international payments via UPI. According to the Economic Times report, the company has announced such a service, after the launch of which users will be able to make payments to foreign merchants via UPI. It will work in the same way that the payment is made through an International Debit Card. The user using PhonePe can activate a UPI linked bank account for UPI International in the app.

PhonePe says that this activation can be done either at the place of payment or even before traveling abroad. The facility can be activated by entering the UPI PIN. That is, now users will not need credit cards, etc. to make payments outside the country. Now users will be able to make payments in foreign countries only through the mobile application.

For this, the company has also published a list of some countries in which this service has been launched. That is to say, at present this service is starting in the mentioned countries that include United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Mauritius, Nepal, Bhutan. PhonePe is the most popular digital payment app in India, with a share of about 50.2% in UPI payments. UPI International is expected to launch in more countries in the coming days. These will soon include Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, etc.

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