Google ‘Bardo’ made a loss | Google ‘Bard’ made a mistake on day one, caused a huge loss of $100 billion, read the full report

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Delhi: Alphabet Inc, the parent company of the search engine company Google, has suffered a major setback. An incorrect answer has cost the company dearly. Because of this, the company has lost 100 billion dollars. Google had released a new promotional video, but it was misinterpreted and flopped. Alphabet Inc. has suffered a major setback. The company lost $100 billion after giving an incorrect answer to a question in an AI chatbox ‘Bard’ ad. To compete with ChatGPT, the company launched its AI Bard Launch. But from day one, the company incurred a loss of Rs crores. Google has shared a promotional video for its new chatbot. The company has suffered heavy losses due to misinformation. Because of this, there has been a huge drop in Alphabet shares (Share Market Fallen).

What was the question?

Google organized an event to launch the chatbot. In which the Artificial Intelligence Chatbot was promoted. GFX Aid was created for this. At that moment a person asked the bard a question. The man asked me what I could tell my 9-year-old son about the new discovery from the James Webb Space Telescope. Bard gave two answers to this question. But the bard’s last answer turned out to be the wrong question. Bard replied that this telescope would take the first pictures of any planet outside our solar system, but the answer was incorrect. After this wrong answer, a lot of question marks started appearing in AI. Following this, Alphabet’s shares began to fall rapidly.

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The company was unsuccessful in delivering its message.

The company failed to get its message across and suffered heavy losses as a result. Google launched its AI chatbot to compete with rival Microsoft’s Chat GPT. But the first answer failed. Microsoft has also released its AI chatbot ChatGPT. This is being discussed a lot right now.

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