Google will launch ‘Bardo’ | Google will bring ‘Bard’ to beat ChatGPT, it will be released soon, you will get great features!

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Delhi: The growing popularity of ChatGPT chatbots is considered very dangerous for Google. In this, Google is also preparing to launch an artificial intelligence chatbot called ‘Bard’ to compete with Chat GPT. This new chatbot is expected to launch in the coming weeks. Prior to this, a group of examiners will evaluate the ‘Bard’. Bard is based on Google’s LaMDA language model. Google announced new artificial intelligence tools for its search engine. Google boss Sundar Pichai said that through Bard, we want to unite the world’s knowledge with the power, intelligence and creativity of our language model. Pichai said he wants Google’s AI services to be accountable. But he did not clarify that ‘Bard’ would not share false information. Bard will initially work on a lower version of LaMDA, which requires less power so more people can use it at the same time.

ChatGPT Threat

Late last year, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, a chatbot with the help of Microsoft. This technology is considered a huge threat to the Google search engine as the ChatGPT chatbot answers even the most difficult queries in a jiffy. Google has been ruling the search engine world for the past few years, but Google realized that ChatGPT could soon take its place. So now the company has started to take steps in this direction.

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ChatGPT chat around the world

ChatGPT has been at the center of discussion around the world since its launch. ChatGPT can write coding, songs, poems and even stories for you in seconds. So it is said that this chatbot will bring a new revolution in the age of technology. That is why ChatGPT has been discussed a lot around the world.

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