Gudi Padwa-2023 | Buying two-wheelers more than cars at Gudi Padwa in Pune, know how many vehicles were sold

Gudi Padwa-2023 car

Fist: On the occasion of Gudi Padwa, one of the three and a half Muhurtas, people bought vehicles in large numbers. In the first fortnight of Gudi Padwa, citizens bought 11,964 vehicles. There has been an increase in two-wheeler sales this year, but there has been a decrease in four-wheeler purchases.

According to data from the Pune RTO office, from March 7 to 21, 11,964 vehicles were registered. This number is more than 500 compared to last year. Last year, between March 19 and April 2, before Gudi Padwa, 11,466 vehicles were registered. The sales of two-wheeled vehicles have been maximum this year, their number is 8 thousand 11. After this the sale of cars is 2 thousand 933. 389 cargo vehicles were sold, 267 rickshaws, 21 buses and 277 other vehicles .

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the strike has no effect

Compared to the first half of Gudi Padwa last year, there has been an increase of around fifteen hundred in two-wheeler registrations this year. This year there has been a decrease of about one hundred and fifty in the registration of a thousand cargo vehicles in the registration of passenger cars. Rickshaw registration has increased by 50 this year. This year there has been a drop in the bus registration, this information has been given by the RTO office. This year there was enthusiasm among citizens regarding the purchase of vehicles. Government employees recently went on strike, but it did not affect vehicle registration. The vehicle registration process is carried out by direct vehicle distributors, so the strike did not affect it.

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