Hair Care Tips: Choose the Right Hair Oil After Knowing Your Hair Problems

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Everyone’s hair problems are different, so hair oil should be different too. Keeping hair problems in mind, choosing a hair oil will keep your hair shiny and healthy. Today we will tell you the ideas to choose the right hair oil for your hair.

Everyone’s hair is different, some have it straight and soft, some curly and some coarse. Similarly, the nutritional requirement of everyone’s hair is also different. The hair oil should also be chosen according to the need of the hair, but whatever hair oil is present in the house, we use it on our hair or we use the recommended hair oil in TV commercials. In this way, using hair oil without understanding the need for hair damages your hair. Today we will tell you the right way to choose hair oil for hair.

dry hair
If your hair remains very dry and lifeless, then grapeseed oil or pomegranate seed oil will bring your hair back to life. You can mix this oil in a small amount of coconut oil and apply it to your hair. Olive oil will also help you make your hair shine by removing dryness, antioxidants and vitamin E are found in olive oil. This oil will nourish your hair and also repair it. Pomegranate oil is also helpful in getting rid of dry hair.

greasy hair
If your hair remains sticky even after shampooing, then your hair is oily. Amla oil is best for oily hair. It will maintain the sebum balance by removing oil from your hair. Amla is also helpful in repairing the damage of your hair, Amla also helps in increasing the shine of the hair.

Curly hair
If your hair is curly and smooth then you should use almond oil. It will maintain the natural curl of your hair and it will also nourish the hair. Almond oil moisturizes your scalp, the vitamin E present in it protects your hair from any kind of damage and is also helpful in repairing your hair. Almond oil massage makes hair shine.

Light hair
If your hair is thin and light, then virgin coconut oil massage and castor oil massage are the best option for your hair. It helps make your hair healthy and also provides nutrition to the hair. Virgin coconut oil is chemical free, it will make your hair thick and shiny. Castor oil is known to thicken fine, light hair and is also beneficial for hair growth.

hair with dandruff
If you have dandruff hair problems, then tea tree oil hair massage is beneficial as it is full of antibacterial properties and helpful in curing any type of scalp allergy. You can apply it by mixing it with coconut oil.

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