Have UFOs ‘Besieged’ America? Even the Pentagon couldn’t solve 171 cases!

The cases of sighting of UFOs, that is, unidentified flying objects, are increasing in the United States. Most Americans have the same perception about UFOs. They believe that the connection of these objects is with extraterrestrials. However, the United States government does not think so. He has opened an office in the Pentagon to investigate UFO cases. Their report claims that the US government has found no evidence of alien life with UFOs. Despite this, more than half of UFO-related cases remain a mystery to the Pentagon.

The Pentagon has released its 11-page report. As Live Science reports, the Pentagon has listed 510 reported cases of UFOs or UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). Most of these cases were reported by US military personnel. Around 366 objects were identified in 2022, while the remaining 144 cases were cataloged from a previous report.

Of the 366 new cases opened before the Pentagon, 195 have been claimed to be resolved. According to reports, 26 cases have been identified as drones, that is, they were drones. Around 163 cases have been described as balloon-like objects.

According to the report, 171 cases have not yet been characterized or attributed. That is, the Pentagon does not know what they were or there is not much detailed data about them. However, the report clearly states that there is no role for foreigners in any of these cases.

The US government is very serious about UFOs. Last year, there was a hearing in the United States on UFOs, in which US deputies participated. At this hearing, for the first time the UFO sighting point was accepted by the US government official. At the same time, an office was opened at the US Department of Defense headquarters called the Pentagon. In this office, cases related to UFOs and UAPs were analyzed. These analyzes have been presented in the form of a report.

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