Heated argument between passengers and staff of SpiceJet flight after it was delayed for more than two hours at Delhi airport

Heated argument from SpiceJet flight crew and passengers: A heated argument broke out between SpiceJet airline staff and passengers at the Delhi airport on Friday (February 3). The passengers on the flight to Patna were fed up with the delay. The flight took off more than two hours later than the scheduled time. Images of the heated debate at the airport have also surfaced, showing very angry passengers.

SpiceJet spokesman told the reason

According to the PTI news agency, the passenger said airline staff first told him the flight was delayed due to bad weather, but then he started talking about a technical glitch. The person said that due to the delay in the flight’s departure, many passengers became agitated and had a heated argument with the airline staff at the airport. The SpiceJet spokesperson’s statement came out after the flight’s departure. The spokesperson said: “A SpiceJet spokesperson said: ‘Due to an operational issue, the flight’s departure was delayed. You have landed in Patna.

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