History of Health | People suffering from these problems should not eat brinjal vegetables, otherwise there may be a great loss.

People suffering from these problems should not eat brinjal vegetables, otherwise there may be a great loss.

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New Delhi: Eggplant, which is available in all seasons, is very beneficial for health. Eggplant is also highly prized for its flavor. Whether it is aloo brinjal curry or brinjal bharta, people prepare and eat it with great enthusiasm in summer and winter. According to experts, eggplant is good for health. It is considered very beneficial. This keeps the cholesterol level under control. Along with this, the digestive system is also strengthened. However, the consumption of eggplant can be harmful in many diseases. If you don’t know about this then let us know in which diseases brinjal should not be consumed-

According to experts, if you have any kind of allergy then stay away from brinjal as it can trigger the allergy, thus the allergy can spread all over your body. That is why such people should not consume brinjal.

If you have a stone complaint, do not eat eggplant. According to doctors, there is a stone problem due to lack of water or drinking contaminated water. Patients with stones should not consume brinjal. Oxalate is found in brinjal, which is harmful to the kidney.

According to experts, people who have any kind of eye problem or if they are bothered by burning or swelling, then they should not consume brinjal because it can further increase their problem. Do not eat brinjal vegetables when you have a fever. This increases body heat. To do this, do not include eggplant in your diet at all. Do not eat brinjal even if you are allergic. Allergies are believed to be aggravated by eating brinjal. While brinjal should not be consumed in ringworm, itch and itching.

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Even if there is a lack of blood in your body, you should avoid consuming brinjal. Because there is the problem of increasing the amount of blood due to its consumption. It is said that people who have complaints of low blood pressure. They should not consume brinjal continuously. See a doctor for this. If you consume brinjal without the advice of a doctor, it may be harmful to your health.

If your digestive system is weak, do not eat brinjal. If not, you may have a gas problem. On the other hand, if you have stomach problems, then avoid consuming brinjal.

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