Hong Kong offers 5 lakh free flight as per Hello Hong Kong campaign after Covid lockdown

Hello Hong Kong Campaign: This offer from Hong Kong leader John Lee is for people who want to come to Hong Kong for business or travel after three years of Covid-19. The name of this campaign is Hello Hong Kong. It started with dancers and flashing neon lights in a special conference room in the city.

The Hello Hong Kong slogan was also handed out at the opening ceremony of this campaign. This catchphrase was given in several languages, including Russian and Spanish. At the same time, John Lee said the campaign will show that the city has been opened up to tourists and its purpose is to promote trade and investment in the Special Administrative Region of China (China).

The Hong Kong leader gave information

Hong Kong leader John Lee said Hong Kong is now connected to mainland China and the entire international world. It’s no different now. There is no restriction of any kind here, nor is there any Covid isolation rule. People from all over the world can come here and enjoy the city.

Officials from the city’s tourism, business and airline departments were present at the launch of the Hello Hong Kong campaign. Authorities said free plane tickets will be distributed to people coming from abroad for six months from March 1 through Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Express and Hong Kong Airlines. Upcoming events associated with the campaign include the Clockenflap Music Festival, the Hong Kong Marathon and the Ruby Sevens tournament.

China’s zero covid policy

For the past three years, Hong Kong had closed the border due to Covid-19. During this, three weeks of isolation were mandatory to come there, and at the same time, a Covid test and screening was also required. Last year, until mid-2022, Hong Kong had followed China’s Zero Covid policy. After this, he gradually began to relax the rules. Hong Kong removed most of the rules in December, but students must take daily rapid antigen tests, as well as exercise and wear masks.

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