How easy is it for India to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon?

After killing China’s spy balloon, now the US refuses to hand over its remains. The Foreign Ministry has also canceled Minister Antoni Blinken’s planned visit to Beijing next month. China has criticized this harsh decision by the United States.

Here, a US Air Force intelligence report has created a stir around the world. Information about the Chinese spy balloon has been given in this April 2022 report. It has been said in the report that even before 2019, a balloon was collecting information by roaming in many countries of the world.

How did the Chinese balloon appear on the radar?
According to the Pentagon of the United States Department of Defense, this 200-foot spy balloon was flying for the fifth time in the skies of the Latin American coasts. After receiving information from Canada, the US agency went into alert mode and was shot down in the Atlantic Ocean.

A US Defense Ministry official told the Washington Post that it seemed normal at first, but then information came in from Canada, after which it was monitored. Then we shot him down with an F-16 jet. The weight of the balloon is approximately 2,000 pounds.

When did this spy balloon arrive in India?
According to the US Air Force intelligence report, in January 2022 this balloon was seen flying near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India. ;< /p>

Previously, this balloon has also been found flying in the coastal parts of Japan in 2020. This balloon has also been seen in Colombia in February 2023.

Actually, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a major base of the Indian Navy. Here the data of bottom depth, salinity and sea temperature in water areas have been collected. This is important in underwater combat.

What is the preparation to deal with the spy balloon?
China also uses the underwater espionage C-wing many times along with the balloon. To monitor this, India has maintained an SVL ship, which works for surveillance at sea.

The Indian Navy currently has 6 CVL ships in its fleet and 4 more CVL ships are in the works and will join soon.

Is this enough?
India will still have to do a lot of surveillance work to deal with spying on China. Let’s know in 3 points…

1. Jammer will have to be used in sensitive areas, so it is not easy to get information. To do this, it will also be necessary to mark sensitive areas on a large scale.

2. Inexpensive balloon-kill spy jets will need to be organized so that any suspicious balloons can be shot down.

3. China has also launched a proxy war in space as part of an espionage campaign. In such a situation, India will also have to take big steps in the field of space.

How does the spy balloon work?
120 feet wide and 130 feet long, this balloon can fly up to 37 km in the sky. It is filled with helium gas inside, while a solar panel is mounted on top. Due to this, this balloon keeps flying in the sky for a long time.

The spy balloon is equipped with cameras, radar, sensors and communication equipment. You keep track of things easily and still give your information to the system. Not only that, this balloon is very high and it is not easy to knock it down.

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