How was Mangalyaan made at the lowest cost?

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mangal mission

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Only Rs 450 crore has been spent on India’s Mangalyaan project. It is less than the Hollywood movie ‘Gravity’.

And compared to the space missions of Western countries, this expense is even less.

So how come India’s space mission is so profitable? BBC science correspondents say jonathan amos

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The United States’ Maven orbiter, which reached Mars orbit on Monday, is ten times more expensive than India’s Mangalyaan.

In early June, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that India’s first mission to Mars is cheaper than the Hollywood movie ‘Gravity’.


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So how did India do this job so cheap?

Scientists and engineers working on such missions cost the most and human resources are cheap in India.

Cheap indigenous parts were used instead of expensive foreign parts.

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Mangalyaan will study methane in the atmosphere of Mars.

Also, India focused on making things simple.

In 2018, Andrew Coates, Principal Investigator for the European Mars rover, says, “They kept everything small. The payload is only fifteen kilos. If you compare it to the Maven payload, you understand a lot about the low cost.” “

“Slowing it down means it will be less scientifically capable, but India has wisely focused on key areas that may be of use to others,” he said.

the posibilities

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Mangalyaan will study methane gas in the atmosphere of Mars.

There are billions of tons of methane on Earth, most of which comes from tiny bacteria found in the intestines of animals.

There is speculation that some methane-producing insects or methanogens may also exist on Mars, which may exist below the surface due to the harsh Martian atmosphere.

That is why Mangalyaan can find answers to the biggest questions about Mars.

Western scientists are also excited about Mangalyaan.

great achievement

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Says Coates: “The Mangalyaan calculations will be combined with MAVEN and Europe’s Mars Express. That means we’ll get calculations at three points, which is a big deal.”

This would lead to a better understanding of how Mars lost much of its atmosphere billions of years ago, and whether life ever existed there.

Mangalyaan and India’s space program have been heavily criticized.

Many people say that space programs are the game of rich industrialized nations and futile for developing nations.

According to him, the money can be better used in education and health services.

keep the market

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But it is overlooked that investment in science and technology develops skills and abilities and develops people that benefit society and the economy in general.

The money that is invested in space, money is also made on earth.

Rich countries understand this and that is why they invest so much in space.

India also wants to be involved in this sector and with Mangalyaan and other satellite and rocket programmes, India has strengthened its position in the international space market and space products and services sector.

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