HP Launches Touchscreen Headphones in Charging Case | HP launches touchscreen headphones in the charging case

Digital desktop, San Francisco. Joining the ranks of companies that make wireless earbuds, HP has launched the Voyager Free 60 Plus touchscreen earbuds in charging case. While the regular Voyager Free 60 comes with an older charging case, the Plus model comes with an OLED touchscreen that allows users to control music playback, volume and settings, view battery status, and make calls. reports The Verge. decline.

In addition, users will also be able to use the screen to switch between two connected devices, the buttons support multi-point pairing and can remember up to eight connections.

Other features, according to the report, include adaptive active noise cancellation with a transparency mode, WindSmart technology to clarify calls when users are outside, aptX support, and headset-based gesture controls for things like volume controls or tracking. . The headphones also offer an IP54 rating, which certifies them as resistant to splashes and dust. The Plus version comes with a USB to 3.5mm cable and also supports Qi wireless charging.

Source: IANS

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