Huawei started the ‘Digital Fishing Boat’ project to provide 5G network at sea, it will help fishermen in this way

Huawei and Guangdong Unicom’s “Digital Fishing Boat” 5G project recently won the 2023 GSMA “5G Productivity Challenge Award”. In this project, both companies are installing 5G network equipment on fishing boats to improve connectivity for people who work at sea. The project claims that connectivity through it will provide seafarers with high-speed Internet access, as well as cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things), Beidou positioning technology.

Huawei has reported that through the Digital Fishing Boat project, fishing boats will be able to monitor the dynamic weather at sea. The ships will come with the 5G MetaAAU ultra-large-scale antenna array, which provides several benefits from its high bandwidth of the 3.5G frequency band.

It is also reported that it can also maintain a stable download speed of 60Mbps and upload speed of 2Mbps within a range of 61 kilometers at sea.

This new digital fishing boat will allow anglers to keep up with the news, get the latest weather information and even make HD video calls to their families. The company says that through this, anglers will also get the benefit of seeking help via a one-click app for emergency help while on the water.

David Pringle, GSMA Judge and Senior Analyst at Pringle Media, said: “On more than 450 kilometers of coastline in the city of Yangjiang, Guangdong province, 5G is completely changing the lives of fishermen, allowing them to stay informed about conditions. weather conditions and helps you stay connected with your family. Guangdong Unicom’s digital fishing boat system has provided services to more than 4,000 fishing boats, and also helps local communities reduce the impact of typhoons and illegal fishing operations. Fishing can also help administration.

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