Imran Khan again praised Indian foreign policy, bought cheap Russian oil despite US pressure.

Imran Khan, Former Prime Minister, Pakistan-India TV Hindi

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Imran Khan, former Prime Minister of Pakistan

Islamabad: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan once again praised India. Praising India’s foreign policy, he said that despite pressure from the United States and other Western countries due to the war with Ukraine, India did not bow down and continued to buy cheap oil from Russia. He further said: But Pakistan could not do this. Giving the reason for this, Imran blamed the then Chief General of the Bajwa Army. Imran said that then our army chief had botched the matter.

Imran Khan said that last year, when I finalized the deal with Russian President Putin in Moscow to buy cheap oil like India’s, the then army chief Bajwa condemned the attack on Ukraine and the whole thing got worse. At the same time, Imran said that he is not even against the United States.

Earlier, however, in an interview with Voice of America English, Imran also changed his mind about the United States. Giving a U-turn to the US opposition, Imran Khan had said that he is not anti-US. Imran had claimed that General Bajwa had told the Americans that he was anti-American.

Imran Khan has demanded an “internal investigation” by the army into the role of Qamar Javed Bajwa in the overthrow of his government. Khan has made this demand after Bajwa’s alleged ‘confession’. Imran Khan strongly defended his government’s decision to give the green light to talks with the terrorist organization Hareek-e-Taliban (TTP). Khan said: “First of all, what were the options before the Pakistani government after the Taliban came to power and they decided TTP and we are talking about 30,000 to 40,000 people.” You know, they also included families, once they (TTP) decided to send them back to Pakistan. Should we have lined them up and shot them or should we have worked with them and tried to relocate them?

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