In 11 years, 16 lakh people gave up Indian citizenship and fled abroad knowing the reason. In 11 years so many lakh people have given up Indian citizenship and fled abroad, know the reason.

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S Jaishankar, Minister of External Affairs of India

New Delhi. Since the year 2011, the number of people giving up Indian citizenship and settling abroad is continuously increasing. According to data provided by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, in the past 11 years, around 16 lakh people have renounced their Indian citizenship and settled in other countries. In the year 2022, i.e. last year, the maximum number of people who renounced the citizenship of the country was 2 lakh 26 thousand 620. However, he did not say that what is the reason of the people who have renounced their citizenship? country’s citizenship?

More than 16 lakh Indians have renounced their Indian citizenship since 2011, according to data provided by the government in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday. Out of these, 225,620 Indians are the ones who have renounced Indian citizenship in the past year. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar gave this information in a written reply to a question. He said that the number of Indians who renounced Indian citizenship in 2015 was 1,31,489. Whereas in 2016, 1,41,603 people renounced their citizenship and in 2017, 1,33,049 people renounced their citizenship. According to him, that number was 1,34,561 in 2018, while 1,44,017 in 2019, 85,256 in 2020, and 1,63,370 indigenous people in 2021 had renounced their citizenship. According to the minister, in 2022 that number was 2,25,620.

1.6 million people settled in 135 countries

Jaishankar said the 2011 baseline figure was 122,819 while it was 120,923 in 2012, 131,405 in 2013 and 129,328 in 2014. The total number of Indians who have renounced Indian citizenship since the year 2011 is 16,63,440. He said that according to the information, during the past three years, five Indian nationals have obtained UAE citizenship. The rest have acquired the citizenship of other countries. Jaishankar said that people who renounced the country’s citizenship have settled in some 135 countries. He also provided a list of all these countries whose citizenship has been acquired by Indians.

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