Incredible game in which everyone can do.

Do you know this ‘mine’?

If you like games, then you must have heard of ‘Minecraft’ at one time or another.

Minecraft is the best-selling video game, in which players can create works of art out of 3D boxes.

Although this game first appeared in front of everyone in the year 2009, many people were introduced to Minecraft for the first time when Microsoft announced that it would buy the company that made it for $2.5 billion.

This game can be played on Xbox, PlayStation, Java, Android, and Windows.

Minecraft enthusiasts have come up with some amazing creations over the years. You see too.

game of Thrones

Map maker WesteroCraft is on a mission to bring the world of George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones book to Minecraft.

A Minecraft player, whose username is ‘ohmganesha’, built a 16-bit computer in just two weeks. The machine made by him has 32 bytes of RAM and 256 bytes of ROM.


An architect by trade, Patricks says he only had to spend a few nights in Minecraft to build this cathedral. He says that he never went to the cathedral.

working hard drive

A research student living in Texas, USA, built a hard drive in Minecraft that can store one kilobyte of data.

In the terabyte age, a one-byte hard drive might sound a bit strange, but they painstakingly pulled it off by adding boxes to boxes.

a whole city

The artists of the Aurora City Project, who established this entire city in Minecraft, believe that they will probably never be able to finish this project.

If you look closely at this image, you’ll know why they believe that.

all denmark

To educate children, the Danish government tried to carve the entire country in Minecraft. But later this project was destroyed by virtual dynamite.

There is also a guitar on the screen that can be played.

The ‘Disco’ company’s cyber guitar can produce sounds of up to 10 chords.

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