Incredible pink lizard eggs found near a volcano in Ecuador can increase their length by up to 18.5 inches

Scientists have found baby pink lizards in Ecuador. These lizards are only found on the islands of the Ecuadorian archipelago, which were discovered just a few years ago. Their number is far less, according to which there are only a few hundred left. That is why getting their eggs and babies is considered a good sign. The lizards live near the Wolf Volcano, which rages here on Isabella Island. These lizards are very special in themselves and one of the special things is that they can increase their body length up to 18.5 inches or 47 centimeters.

Pink iguana lizards were discovered by national park rangers in 1986. Now their eggs and hatchlings have been found near Wolf Volcano. This is the first time since the discovery that their offspring have been seen. According to a Reuters report, Danny Rueda, director of the Galapagos National Park, said in a statement that the finding of the children is a significant event in itself. This will help save the pink iguana. These lizards can increase in size up to 18.5 inches in length. But what’s interesting here is that it took scientists decades to discover that this is a different species from other lizards found on the island.

On behalf of the National Park, it has been said that the pink iguana has been threatened by the arrival of other species on the island, especially by the arrival of a species of rats. Rueda said that now they know that their existence is in danger, so it is very important to take the appropriate measures. Especially against species of invasive nature, without damaging their delicate ecosystems.

A very special type of wildlife is found on the Galapogas Islands. It is also said that this island made a great contribution to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. It is a place where some of those species are found that are not found anywhere else in the world. These include giant tortoises, flightless cormorants, and several species of iguanas, including the pink iguana. Recently, scientists also found fossils of a 9-meter-long lizard. It has been said that mosasaurs were like giant marine lizards, which could measure up to 12 meters long. They belonged to the family of modern ‘monitor’ and ‘iguana’ lizards and resembled the Komodo dragon.

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