India convened urgent meeting to help Turkey after devastating earthquakes Indigo free services

Devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria - India TV Hindi

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Devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria

The Indian government has called an urgent meeting with the Indian airlines that operate flights to Turkey, which is recovering from the devastating earthquakes. During the meeting, India’s low-cost carrier Indigo offered free cargo movement to Istanbul on its scheduled flights.

An aviation industry source said: “India’s aviation regulator held a meeting with Indian airlines on operational flights to Turkey for cargo movement on scheduled commercial flights. IndiGo has resumed its scheduled commercial flights to Istanbul using Boeing 777 aircraft. offered on flights”.

IndiGo recently started its extensive flight operations to Turkey with Boeing-777 in Istanbul. “The Indian airline is colluding with Turkey in the disaster and we are ready to provide free cargo movement for humanitarian aid,” the sources quoted the airline as saying at the meeting. Other ministries are also part of the meeting and a final decision has not yet been made on the matter.

The first aircraft of the Indian Air Force has arrived

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said on Tuesday that the first Indian Air Force plane carrying disaster relief supplies and rescue teams to carry out search and rescue work in Turkey has arrived in the affected country. because of the earthquake.

A C17 flight of more than 50 National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel and a squad of specially trained dogs carrying essential equipment, including medical supplies, drilling machines and other equipment needed for the relief effort, departed to Turkey this morning.

What did the Turkish embassy say?

The Turkish Embassy in New Delhi tweeted: “First batch of earthquake relief material has just arrived in Turkey with NDRF special search and rescue teams and fashion dog squads. Thank you India for your support and solidarity”.

4,900 people from both countries have lost their lives

Significantly, the earthquake in Turkey and Syria in the early hours of Monday has caused great devastation. Tremors from the earthquake have been felt four times in Turkey in the last 24 hours. Monday’s earthquake has caused the most devastation. Around 4,900 people have lost their lives in both countries. This earthquake is described as the strongest earthquake in Turkey in 100 years.

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