India ranks third in the world in terms of cheap mobile data

In recent years there has been a reduction in the rate of telecommunications services in the country. The main reason for this is the stiff competition between telecommunication companies. In terms of mobile data cost, India has the third lowest rate in the world. Israel ranks first in this. There are a large number of people using smartphones in India. In the last decade, the reach and speed of the internet in the country has increased rapidly.

A survey by Cable, a UK-based price comparison website, claims that India has the third lowest data rate. The survey covered more than 200 countries and more than 5,200 mobile data plans. The cost of 1 GB of data in Israel is the lowest at $0.04. In India, this cost is $0.17. The most expensive data rate is $41.06 for 1 GB in the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena. Internet price in India is decided on the basis of various factors. Recently, the country’s telecommunications companies have increased the rate. Despite this, Internet services in India are very cheap compared to other countries.

The country’s second largest telecommunications company, Bharti Airtel, recently introduced a new entry-level plan of Rs 155 in seven regions. Because of this, the basic rate has increased by around 57 percent. This plan is for seven regions including Karnataka, Bihar and Rajasthan. The company has abolished the Rs 99 fee. The company had launched the new scheme on a trial basis in Odisha and Haryana last year. After spending billions of dollars on telcos in the 5G spectrum auction last year, these companies need to raise the fee to increase revenue. A key performance indicator for telecommunications companies is average revenue per user (ARPU). For Airtel, it stood at Rs 190 in the September quarter, up 3.8% qoq and almost 24% yoy.

Reliance Jio began competing to lower rates after entering the telecom sector six years ago. Because of this, other telecommunications companies also had to reduce the prices of their services. This had a huge impact on the revenue and profits of these companies. Because of this, some telecommunication companies closed and some merged.

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