Indian Navy Will Get 221 Feet Long 18 Missiles Loaded Together On INS Vagir Submarine!

India is going to increase its sea power through INS Vagir. INS Vagir will be inducted into the Indian Navy on January 23. This is a Kalvari class submarine, which is the fifth submarine. Its particularity is that the submarine has been completely prepared in India. It has been built by Dock Manjhgaon Shipbuilders Limited, a harbor shipbuilding company in Mumbai. However, its construction has also had the help of a French company. Let us tell you about the specialties of INS Vagir.

Talking about the merits of INS Vagir, it can be used for anti-submarine warfare, obtaining secret information, and placing land mines in the ocean. He will be inducted into the Navy on January 23. The Ministry of Defense has provided information in this regard by issuing a press release. Along with this, it can also be used to monitor that area. Sound absorbing technology has been used in this. It is said to be 221 feet long and 40 feet wide. Four engines have been installed on the submarine. Dajinder Singh, the commanding officer of INS Vagir, told ANI that he is ready to combat any kind of threat if there is a war between India and China.

It has been said of the INS Vagir that it can swim underwater at a speed of 37 km/h. On the surface of the water, he can run 12 thousand kilometers at a time. While inside the water, it can travel 1 thousand kilometers once. The submarine can be taken to a depth of 350 meters. In addition, it can be kept in the water continuously for 50 days.

Also, Dajinder Singh said that it will be installed in the Indian Navy as a state-of-the-art weapon. It has 8 torpedo tubes of 533 mm. 18 torpedo missiles can be loaded into these. Commanding officer CDR Diwakar told ANI that INS Vagir can be deployed along the coast as well as in the middle of the ocean.

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