Indian Scientists Made Self-Cleaning Air Filter Can Finish Corona Delta Variant Full Details

The new Corona variant has created an uproar in China. Meanwhile, Indian scientists have achieved great success. You have developed a new air filter. This air filter can kill germs in the air. Scientists have developed an air filtration technique that can “self-clean” germs from the system by using compounds found in green tea. The most important feature of this air filter is that it can deactivate the SARS-CoV-2 delta variant (delta variant) of SARS Cove-2 with an efficiency of 99.24 percent.

The air filter has been prepared by a study team led by Suryasarathi Bose and Kaushik Chatterjee at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. The air filters the scientists developed use compounds such as polyphenols and polycationic polymers found in green tea. These air filters can break down germs and inactivate them. The Science and Engineering Research Board also supported the development of the air filter. The scientists have applied for a patent on this discovery.

This is the drawback of existing air filters.

In the information shared by the Press Information Bureau, it has been said that due to the continuous use of the air filters that are being used today, germs make them a breeding ground. The increased number of germs clogs the holes in existing air filters and reduces the life of the filters. This increases the chances that people using air filters will become infected.

The air filter developed by the scientists has also been tested in the laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories-NABL. It is an antimicrobial filter. It is claimed that it will not only save people from air pollution, but can also help reduce the spread of the corona virus. The new filter can be used in air conditioners, central ducts, and air purifiers.

Air pollution is increasing across the country. The situation is worse in the cities of northern India. The new air filters may prove more effective for people, although there is no information on when industry production will begin.

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