iPhone 11 at half price on Flipkart! The stock is full, customers swept in to buy


Mobile News Desk – The discount that is taking place on the iPhone 11 is so much that you will not be able to believe it, customers can buy it on Flipkart for almost half the price. This type of discount offer is rarely seen, but it will not put any burden on the pockets of the customers. If you are also planning to buy an iPhone 11, buying it on Flipkart is nothing short of a golden opportunity for you. So let us know what is offered in this model.

If we talk about the discount, on the purchase of iPhone 11, customers are already given a hefty discount of 11% on the listed price because its original price is ₹43,900, while after the discount, customers are given for Rs. 100. . ₹38999, No If the customer buys the iPhone 11, he does not need to apply for the discount and the company has already offered it. Although this price is also not in your budget, then you should not worry as the offer is still pending. Let us tell you that there is another powerful offer that will be liked by customers.

Let us tell you that at the list price of ₹38999, customers also receive a trade-in bonus of ₹20,000 and if this trade-in bonus is received in full, then customers can buy this phone for just ₹18,999. The demand for this model is also high because its design is Bihari trend, and the features available in it are so tremendous that these latest models compete with the iPhone. From a great screen to a great camera and battery, people love it in all cases or models. If you also want to buy it, then going on Flipkart and buying it right now will prove to be a profitable deal for you.

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