Iran blames Israel for drone attack on military workshop in Isfahan city, threatens retaliation

Iran blames Israel for drone attack: Iran has formally blamed Israel for the drone attack on the military workshop. Media reports quoted Iranian ambassador Amir Saeed Iravani as saying that the investigation showed that the Israeli regime was solely responsible for the attempted attack.

Now Iran has also warned of retaliation over this matter. Last week, a drone attack was carried out on a military workshop in the Iranian city of Isfahan.

Israel blamed for attack

Iran claimed on Thursday (February 2) that Israel was responsible for the drone attack. Iran has threatened to reserve its legitimate right to retaliate for such attacks. Iran’s mission to the United Nations blamed Israel for the Saturday night attack in a letter posted on its website. “Preliminary investigations suggest that the Israeli regime was responsible for this attempted act of aggression,” reads a letter signed by Iranian Ambassador Amir Saeed Irani.

What did the Iranian Defense Ministry say?

However, the letter did not elaborate on what kind of evidence supported Iran’s suspicions. Israeli officials declined to comment. A statement from Iran’s Defense Ministry said the attacks were carried out by three drones, two of which were successfully shot down. A third drone struck the building, causing minor damage to the roof and causing no injuries.

Iran’s official news agency IRNA later called the drone a bomb-laden ‘quadricopter’. Quadcopters are generally operated from a short distance by remote control. Iranian state television later broadcast footage of the wreckage of the drones, which were similar to commercially available quadcopters.

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