Israel built a 4.6 kilometer long wall around the Gaza Strip. Israel is building a 4.6 kilometer long wall around the Gaza Strip.

Digital desk, Tel Aviv. Israel has begun construction of a 4.6-kilometre-long wall around the Gaza Strip to protect surrounding Israeli communities from fire from Palestinian coastal enclaves. Work has started on a security corridor project adjacent to the Gaza Strip aimed at concealing roads so that residents can move safely in an emergency without fear of reprisals from the Gaza Strip, the ministry was quoted as saying by the Xinhua News Agency.

A wall is being built on two roads near Gaza. Bike lanes will also be built as part of the project, according to the ministry.

The project will allow residents to live a normal life while increasing security, Elad Cohen, a project manager for Netiv Israel, the state highway company that built parts of the wall, said in the statement.

The ministry estimates that the wall will be ready by the summer of 2023. Israel has already built ground and underground barriers in Gaza to prevent Palestinians from entering the Jewish state.


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