It will be possible to talk to pets including dogs and cats, the revolution will come from this technology

Many of us communicate with our pets. This form of communication is not based on language, it is based on feelings. In this form of conversation, pets often understand the words of humans and sometimes even complete what is said. Communication in the case of a pet dog and a human seems even more practical. It may be easier to communicate with pets in the future. All this can be a reality thanks to Artificial Intelligence, that is, AI.

Nowadays there is a lot of discussion about AI tools like GPT Chat. For this, people are solving their smallest problems. Scientists are reportedly working on developing an artificial intelligence device to understand the language of animals. It is said that this machine called ‘Dr. Doolittle device’ will be able to decode the language of animals. You will be able to fully understand your language.

A report by the World Economic Forum claims that scientists are trying to understand the languages ​​of animals. Artificial Intelligence has developed enormously in recent years. The success of AI chatbots is not hidden from anyone. Easily talk to your customers. If scientists manage to decipher the languages ​​of the animals, it could go a long way in understanding their sustainability.

The report says that if artificial intelligence allows us to understand or communicate with the language of animals, we will soon be able to understand many things about animals. People can deal with their pets more easily, they can easily understand their problems. The report doesn’t give a deadline for when the device might be ready, but it definitely outlines a future relationship between humans and animals.

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