Jarawa tribe | Shocking! A place in India where the birth of a beautiful child is a ‘sin’, the punishment is ‘death’

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New Delhi: Whether the child is blond or white in color, children are the form of God, who look very cute in all colors and shapes. But can you imagine that there is a place in India where the birth of a white child is treated like a parent? Yes, people of many castes and religions live in the world. There are also many castes and tribes in India; But there is such a tribe, which even today lives like in the stone age. Let’s know about this tribe…

It’s a sin to be a righteous child

The Jarawa are an aboriginal tribe still living in the Andaman-Nicobar Islands of India. The amazing thing is that if a white child is born among the citizens of this tribe, they kill it. Today we can see that most of the world’s tribes have adapted to the modern era; But there are some tribes that still live like in the stone age.

strange jarawa tribe rule

One of them is the Jarawa tribe. This is the oldest tribe in history. The people of this tribe have been living on these islands for the last fifty-five thousand years. It is believed that he is of African descent; But over the years they have become part of the Indian subcontinent. This tribe is on the brink of extinction. But they have some of those traditions that are very impactful.

White child is killed as soon as it is born

Because today there are only 380 people left from the Jarawa tribe. The people of this tribe earn their living by hunting even today. They hunt fish or crabs with bow and arrows. They hunt pigs in groups. Some more strange customs are observed in the Jarawa tribe. One of them is that if a woman gives birth to a beautiful white child, that child dies immediately. This is because the people of the Jarawa tribe are black in color.

that’s why white people kill babies

For information, we tell you that being originally from Africa, its color is black. The white child is then killed under the assumption that he may belong to some other tribe or community. When a child is born in this tribe, all the women of the tribe breastfeed it. It helps the community stay together, she says.

pregnant women are fed with animal blood

It is actually necessary to have a black child in this Jarawa tribe. For that they also feed the pregnant woman with animal blood. They believe that the color of a child born after drinking the blood of an animal turns black. Surprisingly, if a white child is born, it is killed by its father.

very strange traditions

Not only this, if a woman is widowed then her children are killed. The people of this tribe do not mix with other people even today. Perhaps due to these strange practices, the Jarawa tribe is on the brink of extinction. Tourists are also prohibited from meeting people from the Jarawa tribe. There has also been a ban on taking your pictures or uploading videos.

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