Joe Biden delayed order to shoot down Chinese spy balloon, GOP alleged

Biden delayed ordering downing of Chinese spy balloon, GOP alleged - India TV Hindi

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Biden delayed an order to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon, the Republican Party has alleged.

Chinese America: A Chinese spy balloon was shot down by a US missile. Following the order of US President Joe Biden, steps were taken to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon. But in this matter, now the American president is surrounded by his own ‘house of his’. Republican Party lawmakers have questioned the delay in ordering US President Joe Biden. Republican lawmakers on Sunday accused China of deliberately spying on sensitive US military bases using a suspicious surveillance balloon.

Lawmakers said the Biden administration gave Beijing access to US intelligence by not ordering the Chinese balloon shot down immediately after learning it was flying high in US airspace. At the same time, China accused Washington of using unreasonable force, reacting strongly to the incident of the US military shooting down its weather research balloon.

Relations between China and the United States intensified

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Shi Feng said he officially filed a complaint with the US embassy on Sunday over the “incident of China’s civilian unmanned aerial vehicle being shot down by military force.” The incident of the Chinese balloon flight in the American sky has increased the tension in the already tense relations between China and the United States.

Blinken had postponed traveling abroad

On Saturday, the US military shot down a Chinese balloon on instructions from President Joe Biden as it passed over the Atlantic Ocean. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken postponed his visit to Beijing on Friday after a Chinese balloon appeared in the US sky. At the same time, after the balloon was shot down, China’s Defense Ministry issued a statement saying that it “reserves the right to take necessary measures in response.”

The spy balloon entered the US air defense area on January 28

“This was clearly an attempt by China to gather information and disrupt command and control of our sensitive missile defense and nuclear weapons bases,” said Mike Turner, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and a Republican from Ohio. This is definitely an emergency, which the administration could not anticipate.” US military and defense officials said the Chinese balloon entered the US air defense zone on January 28 via the Aleutian Islands and entered Canadian airspace on January 30 after flying for a long time in Alaska.

On February 1, it re-entered US airspace and began flying over northern Idaho. On the same day, the White House said that President Biden had been briefed on the flight of the Chinese balloon in US airspace. “This suggests that the balloon could have been shot down safely somewhere between Alaska and the Carolinas, but it didn’t,” said Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Party leader.

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