Joshimath sank as much as 5.4cm in just 12 days, ISRO satellite image reveals

Joshimath of Uttarakhand is facing a huge disaster these days. The city of Joshimath is sinking, so hundreds of houses, shops and hotels have developed cracks. People who live in the houses that have suffered the most damage are being moved to safer places. How critical the situation in Joshimath is, is known from a report by the Indian Space Research Organization i.e. ISRO. ISRO has published the initial results of the satellite observation of Joshimath. It has been discovered from these that the city of Joshimath has sunk by about 5 cm in just 12 days. It has been said in the report that this subsidence of the land is happening in the central part of the city of Joshimath.

Joshimath is identified with Jyotirmath. Lord Badrinath is worshiped only at Joshimath in winter. It also serves as a gateway to pilgrimage centers like Badrinath and Hemkunt Sahib. The world famous Auli is also located above Joshimath.

According to the report, the information provided by ISRO is based on satellite images. These photos were taken from the Cartosat-2S satellite. According to ISRO, between December 27, 2022 and January 8, 2023, the city of Joshimath rapidly sank. According to the report, the ground is rapidly sinking in the army heliport and the area around the temple, i.e. Central Joshimath. The area has sunk about 5.4 cm in a span of a few days and the area of ​​the sunken process has also increased. However, as of now it is confined to the central part of the city of Joshimath.

According to the report, this subsidence had been going on in the city of Joshimath for many years, but its pace was very slow. According to the report, Joshimath City sank at a slow rate of 9 cm in 7 months between April and November 2022, but Joshimath City sank rapidly between December 27, 2022 and January 8, 2023.

The main reason for the collapse of Joshimath is the geography of this area. It has been said in previous reports that the town of Joshimath is built on the rubble emanating from the landslide. Because of this, the capacity of this area is less. The city has developed rapidly over the years. Due to the construction works, works related to the National Highway and hydroelectric projects, there has been a lot of construction here.

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