‘Junooniyat’ is the story of three young music lovers, Neha Rana caught between Ankit Gupta and Gautam Vij

Junooniyat has three characters in the lead roles: Neha Rana, Ankit Gupta, and Gautam Singh Vig. Junooniyat is the story of three different people, Elahi (played by Neha Rana), Jahaan (played by Ankit Gupta) and Jordan (played by Gautam Singh Vig). It will be released on February 13.

In the world of television, good multi-base series are rarely made now like before. As times change, so do the dramas playing on TV screens. at the big boss house Ankit Gupta and Gautama Singh Wig has entered. After leaving home, both together in Colors show obsession they will appear inobsession There are three characters in the lead role:neha frog, Ankit Gupta AND Gautama Singh Vig. Junooniyat is the story of three different people, Elahi (played by Neha Rana), Jahaan (played by Ankit Gupta) and Jordan (played by Gautam Singh Vig). It will be released on February 13. While Elahi and Jahaan are immersed in the magic of love and music, Jordan sets out to rule the world of music. Produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey’s Dreamiat Entertainment, the show will premiere on February 13 and will air Monday through Friday at 8:30pm only on COLORS.

The new project of Dreamita Entertainment

Manisha Sharma, Chief Content Officer at Hindi Mass Entertainment, Viacom18 says: Junooniyat is a fascinating story of three aspiring singers, Elahi, Jordan and Jahaan, who chase their dreams when love calls. With our long-standing partnership with Dreamitya Entertainment, we have created some popular shows that have captured the hearts and minds of our viewers. Hoping to continue this streak of success, we are pleased to present a tug of war between love and passion for music. We hope to rekindle the nostalgia and give audiences a musical history to celebrate.

What is the history?

‘Junooniyat’ revolves around Elahi, a friendly girl and classically trained singer, Jahan, a music-loving recluse with confidence issues, and Jordan, a talented rapper who is obsessed with music. Three aspiring musicians enroll in a music school, and a singing contest fuels their personal ambitions. While Ilahi dreams of reuniting with her mother, who abandoned her as a child, Jahaan wants to fight the injustice suffered by her family. 24-year-old Jordan, on the other hand, is a bratty brat who has something to prove to his father. As love blossoms between Elahi and Jahan, Jordan plans to break them up out of his cynical desire to trump everyone in the musical and keep Elahi with him. Will they be able to win hearts or make their dreams come true?

Producer Sargun Mehta says, “Junooniyat is a relationship drama that chronicles the lives of three aspiring artists who have their own reasons for pursuing music. Set in the beautiful locations of Tricity-Chandigarh which is home to great musicians, the show depicts a one-of-a-kind love triangle. Viewers will enjoy watching love and drama unfold in this vibrant new age story. Adding more, Ravi Dubey says, “All three characters love music, but their personalities are completely different. Viewers will find these characters relatable as they chase their dreams while love is near. This is our third collaboration with COLORS and we can’t wait to shower it with lots of love from the audience.”

Excited to play the role of Jahaan, Ankit Gupta says, “The combination of Colors and Dreamyata Entertainment has been successful and I am happy to collaborate with them. Viewers had the chance to connect with me on a deeper level in Bigg Boss 16 and now I’m excited to connect with them again through this new music-based fictional show. My look reflects the personality of someone who lives for music, and I am delighted that it has received so much love from the public. I am sure that Junooniyat will win the hearts of the audience, who will see me in the avatar of a music-obsessed introvert.”

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