Kalaram Temple | Sensational Allegation From Sambhaji Raje’s Wife, “Mahant Prevented Her From Chanting Vedokta Mantra At Kalaram Temple In Nashik”

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Nashik: Yesterday, the Ram Navami festival was celebrated with great pomp throughout the country. On this special occasion, Sanyogita Raje, wife of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje, visited the Kalaram Temple in Nashik. But, after visiting this temple, Sanyogita Raje has alleged that Mahant prevented him from chanting the Vedokta mantras.

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Sanyogita Raje Chhatrapati has written a post about this on his Instagram. In that post she has written about her experience. Also the mahants in Nasik have claimed that they were not allowed to chant Vedokta mantras. After this post a new controversy has arisen.

Sanyogitaraje Chhatrapati has shared 2 photos of the temple in her Instagram post. At the same time, he wrote in the caption of these images: ‘O Shri Ram, give wisdom to those who consider themselves all-knowing, who create differences between people, who are selfish only in the name of God… This is our prayer. , this is our request, That humans consider humans as humans… We are all children of God… And why do children need someone’s permission to meet their parents? Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj had made many revolutionary decisions with this thought in mind.

It was due to the responsibility of carrying on his intellectual legacy and the power he had that he was able to complete the chanting of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra at the Kalaram Temple in Nashik the day before yesterday. The so-called mahants of the Kalaram temple in Nashik tried to chant mythological mantras for my worship. I opposed this because of the legacy of the Chhatrapati family of Kolhapur. They tried to tell me giving many reasons why they have no right on Vedokta Mantra. In the end I asked who saved the temples where you still follow the rules. Chhatrapati saved! Then you dare not teach Chhatrapati. Still, he asked why I chanted the Mahamrityunjaya mantra… After this, I told him that there was no need for you to intervene to gather and praise our Lord, the son of God. After that I also said Ram Raksha there. This incident raised a question in my mind: why hasn’t this mentality changed in a hundred years? However, the ideas expressed by Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj have to be carried into the depths… there is still a long way to go… there is still a long way to go… O Shri Ram, give strength for this and give knowledge to all! !’

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