Kerala Kollam Vijaykumar Suicide Case Man Died By Jumping On His Funeral Pyre

Kerala Suicide Case: A shocking case has come to light in Kerala. A 68-year-old man allegedly committed suicide by jumping onto his funeral pyre after setting it on fire at Puthur in the state’s Kollam district. Police gave this information on Thursday (February 9).

Police said the burned body of Marnad native Vijay Kumar was found in his ancestral home. The police said that Vijay Kumar was suffering from some illness and was unable to go to work for some time. His sister, who lived alone in a house built on this property, saw the fire at midnight and thought that some wood had caught fire.

What did the police say?

The police said that she (her sister) put out the fire with the help of another relative who lived in the neighborhood. In the morning they found the body. Police recovered a suicide note allegedly written by Vijay Kumar.

What was written in the suicide note?

Police said that in a letter written to his friend, Vijay said that he was ending his life because he was unable to work due to his health. Because of this, he could not win, so the family’s economic situation was being greatly affected. Vijay Kumar was very upset by this. Police have launched an investigation into the whole matter.

Only in the next few days it will be known whether Vijay Kumar committed suicide or died under someone’s pressure. At the moment, the family has not raised suspicions about anyone. Kerala Police is investigating from all angles.

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