Khatauli: Sakarni’s plaster and paint lived up to public expectations

Jatauli: Sakarni Plaster India Private Limited Chairman Mr. Ashok Gupta, Director Mohit Gupta, Bankim Gujral Head of Marketing arrived at the Muzaffarnagar tour who were greeted with great courtesy by Area Manager Sanjeev Anand Deepak Sharma at Khatauli Chital Grand Hotel, and welcomed all the guests.

In which the managing director as well as all the guests commented that our product Sakarni Plaster and Paint has lived up to the expectations of the public, it is going to be launched in our objective is to provide the public with superior quality with less benefit, they are number 1 in the market

Wood Primer No. 2 Tile Headhishive No. 3 Epoxy No. 4 Ready Mix Plaster All these products will be released soon press conference and main guests and craftsmen along with these products

Your announcement will soon be available through the media. Our product also met the expectations of the public before and in the future also our new product will clearly live up to the expectations of the public.

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