Kiara Advani was seen as a bride with a red pair, these images are going viral

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Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra are getting married very soon in Jaisalmer. So far, some 17 guests from her family have come to attend Kiara Advani’s wedding to Siddharth Malhotra. Siddharth had come on February 4 around 8 pm with his father Sunil Malhotra, mother Reema Malhotra, brother Harshad Malhotra and others On February 6 his uncle Jaideep Bhalla, aunt Irseli, grandmother Harcharan Bhalla, niece Avni , Auntie Ambika Hora, Uncle Ashok Hora, Cousin Rohan Malhotra, Momina Noor, Ishita Bhardwaj, Vaibhav Bhardwaj, Arjun Hora, Arjun’s wife Zoya Hora, Nephew Adhiraj Malhotra arrive at the wedding. Meanwhile, the photo of Kiara Advani’s girlfriend in a red dress is going very viral.

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Siddharth’s grandmother told the media that she is very excited and happy. Delhi boy Siddharth has a longer guest list than Kiara. This includes his mother’s friends as well. These guests have come from Delhi and Punjab. The couple’s mutual friend Karan Johar was listed on both sides. Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, filmmaker Aarti Shetty, Pooja Shetty and many others will attend the wedding. So far 10 people from Kiara’s family have come. These include her father Jagdeep Advani, her mother Genevieve Advani, Ishaan Advani and her grandmother. Her brother Mishal Advani had come on Sunday night. Apart from this, on 5th February, Auntie Sumita Advani, Uncle Harish Advani, Grandma Valerie Advani, Auntie Shaheen Agarwal, Ishita Advani, Karma Vivaan relatives arrived.

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Kiara’s wedding guest list includes people from Bollywood as well as members of the business family. The most special of hers is her childhood friend Isha Ambani. Isha and her husband had arrived at Jaisalmer airport on their private charter flight at around 9:30 pm Apart from this, Kiara’s Bollywood friend Shahid Kapoor arrived on Sunday morning with his wife Meera. and Karan Johar. Actress Juhi Chawla and her businessman husband Jay Mehta, choreographer Shabina Khan, businesswoman Zeba Kohli and actor Ishaan Chandok will also attend the wedding. The event management company has called in a team of waiters from Mumbai and Delhi to keep the wedding private. Local people are not being hired for any jobs in the marriage. A team of around 500 waiters has been deployed, of which 200 are from Mumbai. The dress code for the waiters has been fixed in white pants and shirt and a turban on the head.

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