Lawyers’ jobs are in jeopardy too! Next month ‘robot’ is going to fight his first case, he knows the whole thing

Arguments and arguments are essential parts of any case. Lawyers work day and night to fight and win the case. By presenting all the facts and arguments in front of the judge, you make your point. Then, somewhere, the decision comes in favor of your client. Let us tell you that the job of lawyers will now be done by a ‘robot’ i.e. an ‘AI lawyer’. Anyone may be surprised to hear how a robot can replace a lawyer. This will happen in the United States next month, when an AI enters the courtroom.

It is reportedly an artificial intelligence chatbot designed to answer questions and hold conversations. This AI lawyer will fight his first case in February. However, it is not yet known when the case will be known.

This artificial intelligence robot has been created by a startup called ‘DoNotPay’. This company often helps people fight against trafficking challan cases. Call it AI Lawyer or Chatbot, it was created in the year 2015 by Joshua Browder, who is also the CEO of ‘DoNotPay’. His chatbot used to inform consumers about late fees and fines, but it is said that now this chatbot has also become a trend to fight cases, that is, it has become a lawyer.

The robot lawyer will also reportedly tell his client what to say during the hearing. The client will get this information on the headset. If this approach is successful, people will have a new and unique way of dealing with the law.

DoNotPay CEO Josh Brower has been quoted in a report as saying that expensive legal fees have prevented good lawyers from appearing in traffic court. Josh says that in many traffic cases, the fines run into the hundreds of dollars, but because of the high fees for good lawyers, people can’t hire them.

In such a situation, Josh Brower and his team wondered if an AI trained to understand and argue the law could be created. In an interview, Josh said that using AI in a real court situation would be a proof of concept in allowing the technology to enter the courtroom. It has been written in the reports that with the help of chatbot it will be cheaper to fight the case in court.

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