Layoffs at Dell | Dell announced layoffs, 6650 employees will be laid off


New Delhi. Due to the global recession, many large companies are laying off. Which includes many companies, including Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Infosys. Now the Dell Technologies name has also been included on these. Dell has decided to reduce its workforce by 5 percent worldwide. The company is about to lay off about 6,650 employees.

According to media reports, the company is facing tough market conditions. So you have made this decision. The company says that this situation depends on the market situation, which is why the company’s business is being affected. The plan will be implemented when the company also has to bear its loss directly in the future.

The company says it has also faced an economic downturn in the past and has come from strength to strength. The company had also announced similar layoffs in 2020, when the Covid pandemic hit.

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