Leaked photo of Xiaomi electric car costs dearly, company fines Rs crores

Recently, some photos of Xiaomi’s MS11 electric car were leaked, thus revealing the design of this upcoming EV to the world. Now, Xiaomi has demanded 1 million yuan (about Rs 1.21 crore) from Beijing Molding Technology Co Ltd as compensation and fine for leaking the design of this car. The leaked image was the clearest image of the car yet. The Xiaomi MS11 will be a 4-door sedan.

According to Gizmochina, Xiaomi has fined the design company 1 million yuan as compensation and a fine for leaking the design of the company’s next electric car. On January 22, Beijing Molding Technology accidentally leaked the design of the front and rear bumpers of the upcoming MS11 electric car.

The report states that while Beijing Molding Technology Co., Ltd. maintains that the company was not directly responsible for the incident, as sub-suppliers leaked the drafts, but rather due to the confidentiality agreement signed between Beijing Molding Technology and Xiaomi Auto. Consequently, the design company will be responsible for any adverse incident.

Bejing Molding will pay a heavy fine of 1 million yuan to Xiaomi for this contract.

The report further states that CEO Lei Jun said that “Xiaomi has zero tolerance for leaks and expects all partners and suppliers to abide by the non-disclosure agreement. The heavy fine will be a lesson to all partners that Xiaomi will not accept or will accept such incidents.” It will not allow and will strictly deal with defaulters.

As we mentioned, the leaked image was the clearest image of the Xiaomi MS11 so far. The front and rear bumpers were seen in the photo of Xiaomi MS11. This photo of the MS11 reveals the car’s full glass roof, large wheels and Wilwood brakes. It has the Xiaomi logo between the wheels and a LiDAR sensor is visible on top of the windshield.

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