Learn how caffeine affects your oral health.- Learn how caffeine affects your teeth and gums.

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About 64% of people in India consume tea and coffee regularly. A cup of tea or coffee can be the best way to start the day for any Indian. But have you ever thought that a cup of tea that boosts energy and mind can also harm the health of your teeth? Yes, many researches state that excessive consumption of tea or coffee and neglect of oral hygiene can cause toothache and damage. Today, on the occasion of World Toothache Day, let’s understand the connection between these two.

We and most of the people around us are the ones who start the day with caffeine. Apart from tea-coffee, caffeine is also taken through soft drinks, chocolate and energy drinks. Sugar is overused along with caffeine in these things. This is the reason why nowadays most of the children have to face toothache from childhood.

world toothache day

World Toothache Day is celebrated every year on February 9 to raise awareness about dental health.

Along with body hygiene, it is also very important to take care of oral health. Avoiding dental hygiene increases the risk of dental problems. Due to this, we may have to face toothache, worm infestation, mouth ulcers, bad breath and many other problems.

According to the advice of the World Health Organization, it is necessary to keep children away from sugar consumption until the age of 2. Otherwise, they may be at risk of dental problems. But, how can the consumption of tea and coffee affect the teeth? Please let us know about this in detail.

Learn how tea and coffee damage your teeth

According to a study by Fairfield Dental Art, tea and coffee contain high amounts of caffeine. Caffeine is a natural compound that affects the nervous system and helps keep the brain active. Therefore, after consuming tea and coffee, one begins to feel energetic and active.

But if the experts are to be believed, too much caffeine can also cause lack of sleep and dehydration. Its excessive consumption also begins to harm our dental health. Due to which you may have to face many teeth related problems.

Learn about the side effects of excessive consumption of tea and coffee here

1. Enamel Wears Off

A compound called tannins is found in caffeine. It disturbs the enamel of the teeth and causes the growth of bacteria and the accumulation of plaque on the teeth. For this reason, problems such as caries and periodontal disease begin to develop.

2. Bad breath

Excessive caffeine consumption damages tooth enamel. Due to this, bacteria begin to grow in the mouth, which disrupts oral hygiene and leads to bad breath.

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dental caries
Due to this, the pain problem begins with the weakening of the teeth. Image: Shutterstock

3. Increased toothache

Your regular tea and coffee are one of the reasons for toothache. The main reason for this is excessive caffeine consumption. Coffee is acidic, and exposure to highly acidic substances can cause tooth enamel to soften and break down over time. Due to this, the pain problem begins with the weakening of the teeth.

4. Worms in the teeth

According to Fairfield Dental Art, weakened tooth enamel makes it easy for teeth to stain. As the enamel thins, the dentin and the layer below the tooth enamel are affected. Due to this, problems such as having worms in the teeth begin.

5. Increases yellowing of teeth

Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine slowly wears down teeth. Chromogenic compounds are found in it, which causes the dark color of coffee. When you drink coffee, the tannins make it easier for the chromogenic pigment to adhere to the teeth. Due to which yellowness comes and gradually begins to affect all teeth.

You have come to know that your habit of drinking tea or coffee is actually spoiling your teeth. But how to get rid of this problem, let us tell you now- (home toothache care)

1. Include fiber in the diet

Eating fiber-rich foods can also reduce the problem of teeth. To do this, you can consume fruits and vegetables such as lemon and strawberries. Fiber is found naturally in these, which helps keep teeth clean by killing bacteria.

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Avoid cream and sugar to avoid dental problems. Image: Shutterstock

2. Avoid cream and sugar

To avoid the problem of the teeth, avoid cream and sugar, as their consumption causes the growth of bacteria.

3. Straw and rinse

If you drink iced coffee, drink it through a straw to reduce the risk of staining. Also, rinse or brush your teeth 30 minutes after drinking coffee.

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