Learn how smartphones can affect your eyes.- Learn how smartphones can affect your eyesight.

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The easier it is to go digital and the increase in technology that is doing our routine tasks, the worse it is affecting our health. One such incident has been shared by neurologist Dr. Sudhir Kumar of Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad via Twitter. He said that a 30-year-old woman named Manju has lost her sight due to excessive use of smartphones. The woman is a resident of Hyderabad. Let us know what the problem is and how smartphones hurt her eyes.

According to the doctor’s tweet, after the above incident, the woman started having trouble seeing anything. When she tried to look at an object, things like zig-zag lines and bright flashlights would appear in front of her eyes. Manju consulted many ophthalmologists but no specific problem was detected. He then he was referred for a neurological problem.

Why did Manju have to face this problem?

The trouble started when Manju quit her job as a beautician to take care of her son and started working from home using her smartphone. He used to spend much of the day using his smartphone. Even after this, she used to be busy with the mobile phone until about 2 hours after lights out at night.

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Know what is Smartphone Vision Syndrome. Image: Shutterstock

Manju suffered from smartphone vision syndrome

After a long treatment, it came to light that Manju suffers from the problem of ‘smartphone vision syndrome’. This problem is caused by spending a lot of time in front of other screens like smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. At the same time, in this problem you have to face different kinds of eye related problems. At the same time, it is also called computer vision syndrome and digital vision syndrome.

No drugs were used in the treatment.

Dr. Sudhir Kumar said via Twitter that he had not prescribed any kind of medicine to cure Manju’s problem. However, Manju was quite nervous, so she was asking for a lot of prescriptions for medicines, but we explained and advised her to keep her smartphone to a minimum. In such a situation, she Manju said that instead of reducing the use of the smartphone, I will not even look at the screen of her. Just this problem of mine should be fixed.

Benefits of reducing screen time

After about 1 month of reducing screen time, there was a huge improvement in Manju’s condition. His vision began to return to normal and he stopped seeing any kind of zig-zag line, flashlight, etc. Along with this, he began to see things clearly even at night.

If you want to save your eyes, follow the expert rule of “20 20 20.”

According to Dr. Sudhir Kumar, never keep your eyes on the digital screen for a long time while using it because it can cause computer vision syndrome. At the same time, women often ignore their body posture while using electronic gadgets, and most of the time they sit in front of the digital screen for a long time. Because the problem of vision loss and many other health related problems may have to be faced.

use of smartphones
Use the smartphone wisely. Adobe Stock image.

In such a situation, the doctor has advised to follow the rule “20 20 20”. In this rule, you need to take a 20 second break after every 20 minutes of screen use. At the same time, on this break, try to see something held 20 feet away with your eyes fixed. This greatly reduces the chances of vision loss. Not only this, it is also very important to keep a proper distance while using the screen.

Be alert if you see these symptoms

dry eye problem
itchy eyes
eye redness
Headache from sitting in front of a screen
neck and back pain

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