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In view of the growing Corona outbreak, their vaccine was made so quickly that many questions arose in many people’s minds. When there was no correct answer to those questions, many confusions arose in people’s minds regarding this vaccine. Many people believe that the Kovid vaccine reduces fertility in women, while some people say that it increases the risk of heart attack. So, today we will talk about some of those myths (Myths about the covid-19 vaccine) that created doubts in the minds of people about the covid-19 vaccine.

Johns Hopkins University has verified the truth of these claims and here at Health Shots, we bring you some myths related to the Kovid-19 vaccine and its truth.

TO US Following Food and Drug Administration approval for distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine, Lisa Margakis, MD, MCh, senior director of infection prevention, and Gabor Kellen, MD, director of Johns Hopkins, speak about the many myths surrounding the vaccine.

The truth about the cavid-19 vaccine and the myths related to it

1 Does the Kovid-19 vaccine affect a woman’s fertility?

According to John Hopkins University, the Kovid-19 vaccine will not affect fertility. The truth is that the Covid-19 vaccine makes a copy of the spike protein found in the corona virus in the body. It teaches the body’s immune system to recognize the spike protein found in the corona virus and fight the virus.

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The confusion arose when a false report appeared on social media. In which it was said that the spike protein present in the corona virus was similar to another spike protein. Which is called syncytin-1, which helps in the growth of the placenta during pregnancy. The report stated that by taking the Kovid 19 vaccine, the woman’s body will fight against the spike protein of the placenta and her fertility will be affected.

It is very important that you know these myths related to Kovid 19.

In fact, these two spike proteins are completely different. Taking the Kovid 19 vaccine will not affect the fertility of women who want to get pregnant. During trials of the Pfizer vaccine, 23 study volunteers became pregnant and one pregnant woman who had a miscarriage received a placebo, not the actual vaccine.

2 People who have been infected with COVID-19 do not need the vaccine.

Based on previous research, taking the COVID-19 vaccine is the best protection against COVID, whether or not you have had COVID. A study published in August 2021 suggests that if you have had Covid before and have not been vaccinated, your risk of becoming infected again is double that of people who were infected and vaccinated.

Getting vaccinated protects you and others because the vaccine helps reduce the spread of COVID-19. Whenever you go to get vaccinated, tell your doctor about your Covid history.

3 This vaccine has been manufactured so quickly that its effectiveness has not been proven.

The study found that both of the initial vaccines were about 95% effective, and no serious or life-threatening side effects were reported. There are several reasons why vaccines for COVID-19 have developed so quickly. China quickly isolated and shared genetic information about COVID-19 so scientists could start working on vaccines.

Social media helped companies find and mobilize volunteers to conduct studies, and many people were willing to help with COVID-19 vaccine research.

Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines were made using a method that has been in development for years. So that companies can start the vaccine manufacturing process in the first days of the epidemic.

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4 Is there no need to apply a mask after receiving the Covid vaccine?

The CDC continues to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and recommends wearing a face mask for people who are not fully vaccinated. But also those who have been fully vaccinated. It is also recommended that all hospitals, care facilities and offices, including a doctor’s office, require masks and physical distancing.

You can get covid by getting 5 vaccines.

According to John Hopkins University, you will not get covid from this vaccine. Two approved mRNA vaccines instruct your cells to make a protein found in the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. It helps your body recognize and fight the virus. The Covid-19 vaccine does not contain the SARS-Co-2 virus, so you cannot get Covid from the vaccine.

The proteins in the vaccine teach your immune system to recognize and fight the virus. This will not cause an infection.

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