Let’s die together now Heartbreaking story of the Turkey earthquake. As long as Jia lives together… Let’s die together now… Turkey earthquake heartbreaking story

Image after the earthquake in Turkey (File) - India TV Hindi

Image source: AP
Image after the earthquake in Turkey (File)

New Delhi. Earthquakes ruined everything in Turkey and Syria. Such devastation had never been seen before today. The intensity of the earthquake was so high that high-rise buildings began to collapse like houses of cards and the people living in them fell on the cheek of death. The speed of the earthquake was so fast that it was as if the earth was swaying people. A man from the southern Turkish city of Adana said he was at his house when the quake struck. Other family members were also present. Because of the earthquake, they kept swinging like a swing back and forth for a minute. He then he understood that it is an earthquake.

I told the family members: come, let’s die together

This person who survived the earthquake told that seeing the earth shake so fast, I understood that it was an earthquake. Then only this could come out of my mouth: “This is an earthquake, let’s all die together.” Meanwhile, the surrounding buildings began to collapse. The noise of screaming and running began to resound with horrible voices. My apartment was shaking so fast that I understood that there would be no one left. That’s why I told everyone to die together. Because while we had to live, we had lived together. Now it was the turn to die, so I thought why not die together. When we all ran out of the building, the surrounding houses had collapsed. Many people were buried in them. I had never seen such a horrible scene before.

The voices kept coming to save, people kept asking for help by releasing videos
After being buried under the rubble, the wails and screams of those who survived created an atmosphere of fear and dread. There was chaos everywhere. Rescue and relief teams were also affected by the earthquake. In such a situation, getting to immediate help and being able to help someone was also a challenge. The survivors still feared that another earthquake could occur. That’s why everyone was scared. No one could understand what to do. When the ground began to shake a little, people ran to help each other. People buried deep in the rubble were seen pleading for their lives by posting their videos on social media. After this, relief teams also tried to reach them.

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