Lithium reserve used in mobile batteries and electric vehicles found for the first time in the country

Lithium, which is considered rare worldwide, has been found in the country for the first time. The Central Government reported that it has been found in Jammu and Kashmir. Lithium is used in electric vehicle (EV) batteries. It is a non-ferrous metal and its demand is continuously increasing.

Mines Secretary Vivek Bharadwaj said: “For the first time in the country, lithium reserves have been found in Jammu and Kashmir.” Lithium reserves have been found in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir in exploration by the Geological Survey of India (GSI). Mines Many minerals such as lithium, nickel and cobalt are imported into India. The mines ministry had recently said that the government is taking steps to strengthen the supply chain of minerals important to emerging technologies. Some minerals, including lithium, are imported from Australia and Argentina.

At the 62nd meeting of the Central Geological Programming Board, Bharadwaj said that whether it is mobile phones or solar panels, the need for important minerals is increasing. He said that to be self-sufficient, the country needs to find and process these minerals.

Tata Group, which does business from salt to cars, plans to set up battery cell plants for electric vehicles in India and Europe. PB Balaji, CFO of Tata Motors, the Tata Group’s car business, recently said that localizing the manufacturing of electric vehicle battery cells is important to increase the share of local components in electric cars. This will help the company to create a local supply chain. He reported that Tata Motors is considering setting up plants in Europe for battery cell manufacturing as well as India. This will also meet the battery cell needs of Jaguar Land Rover, the company’s premium car unit which has a factory in Europe. Tata Sons, the parent company of Tata Motors, will invest in the manufacture of battery cells. However, it did not disclose the amount of the investment or its duration. Electric vehicle batteries are imported into the country and because of this, the cost of these vehicles is high.

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