Live photo of Xiaomi MS11 electric car spotted, will be released soon

Xiaomi’s first electric vehicle MS11 will soon be seen on the roads of China. The tech giant has come a long way in making its EV and the photo of the car has been seen a few times. Xiaomi is reportedly in the final stages of manufacturing its first electric car. This car was seen many times on the roads of China and during tests in winter. Here we tell you in detail about this Xiaomi electric car.

According to Gizmochina, a Weibo user has shown some MS11 photos that are the clearest and cleanest photos yet. Judging from the photos, the Xiaomi MS11 is an elegant sedan with a sporty 4-door design that looks good. The electric car resembles the BYD hallmark, although there is a difference in the headlights.

The alleged images of the Xiaomi MS11 match the previously leaked design images of the car. The front and rear bumpers in the new photo are similar to previously leaked design details. Although Xiaomi said at the time that the photos were of previous prototypes that had been discarded. It remains to be seen if the MS11 is actually being built in reality. No official statement from Xiaomi in this regard has yet arrived.

Photos of the alleged MS11 feature a handsome sedan with a full glass roof, big wheels, and Wilwood brakes. It has the Xiaomi logo between the wheels and a LiDAR sensor on the top of the windshield. The car has wide rear arches, and the passenger cabin is slightly slimmer at the rear. The design of the taillights is similar to that of Aston Martin. In general, the Xiaomi MS11 can be designed as an affordable electric vehicle.

There is still no photo of the interior of the Xiaomi MS11 but it will be possible to see it soon. The photo shows a robust and quite powerful model that will meet Xiaomi’s high standards. There is no information about the launch of Xiaomi MS11 yet.

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